HOLD   FAst  to  the   Arts

Our friends in the Performing Arts community have been battling through tough times as the pandemic shuttered venues and closed shows overnight.


Although we have all been impacted, few so much as the people who work in an industry that relies on live social interaction to succeed.


The Hold Fast family has come to know so many of them as patrons, regulars, and now friends. We have watched their dreams and livelihoods, as well as many of our devoted staff, put on hold due to the forced shutdown of their workplace homes.


Hold Fast has tried to support this beloved community when and however possible but, we continually have a deep desire to do more for these wonderful people. And now, so can you!!!

Sponsor   a   dining   experience

**Minimum $40 Sponsorship**

With our “Hold Fast to the Arts” initiative, we seek to bolster our performing arts community by facilitating "socially distanced" human to human connections.

We are humbly asking for your support in making this special experience a success.


How will it all work you ask?

Be A Sponsor ( “Angel” )

Sponsorship packages start at $40 and will provide an eligible individual in the arts community with a safe dining experience at Hold Fast, tax and gratuity included. It is our hope that through these sponsorships, you aren’t just providing meals, but forging friendships. Sponsor as many experiences as you want!!

Choose a payment option:

Venmo ( HF2TheArts ) or Credit Card ( Here )

*Venmo preferred*

Please write any of the information below in the

“What’s it for / Notes” section:

- Your Name

- The City you are From

- Email / Instagram / Facebook

This will allow the person receiving your

generous gift to at least thank you.

Talk about yourself if you want.

The more genuine the better.

You can remain anonymous but we have a feeling each of these individuals miss the day-to-day connection to others that came from their careers in THE ARTS!!

Be A Recipient  ( Keep Your Head Up! )

To be eligible for the program please fill out the following form: Here

*Once you have submitted a form and your information is verified,

you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions for redemption.

BE safe, stay strong...
hold   fast
, stay strong...

*Photo by @brittanytaylorphoto